Fundraising Policy

    Fund Raising Terms of Reference (TOR) & Financial Controls Policy

    MWSD-POL-5, June 2019 


    Fund raising is an essential part of Scouting activities in the District and may take many forms e.g. bag packs, sponsored walks, summer balls etc. In all cases these events will entail collecting, and in some cases spending money.

    It is essential that in all activities involving the collection of money from the public, on behalf of a charity, that careful controls are in place. This is not only to look after the money itself, but also to have steps in place to ensure it can be audited as having been looked after.

    There are some simple steps that can be taken that will enable this, this policy sets out to define these steps in Mersey Weaver Scouts.

    The following sections of POR in relation to fundraising should be consulted for additional information: -

    Groups – Rule 3.55 to Rule 3.61 Districts – Rule 4.67 to Rule 4.73

    A Risk Assessment for all Scouting activities is compulsory. A Risk Assessment must be created for every fundraising event and importantly shared with everyone taking part. The Event Lead will be responsible for ensuring a Risk Assessment is in place for the event, but does not have to be the person who compiles it. Sample Risk Assessments are available in Sharepoint ( e%20Committee/Fund%20Raising%20Risk%20Assessments?csf=1)

    Additional information can also be found at (

    Fund Raising Sub-Committees TOR

    When a significant sum is to be raised, it may be appropriate to establish a small sub- committee. The decision to establish such a sub-committee will be determined by the Executive. Should a sub-committee be set up the following steps will be taken:

    • A Chairperson will be appointed to lead the sub-committee and such appointment ratified

      by the Executive. The Chairperson or nominee will be responsible for reporting

      developments to the Executive.

    • As appropriate a Secretary and a person to lead the monitoring and reporting of the

      finances will be appointed. Additional positions, including a Sponsorship / Grants

      coordinator, may be created as appropriate determined by the size of the project.

    • Volunteers to support the fund raising will be secured from parents, helpers, our Young People and leaders as appropriate.
      • The expectation is that every Scouting family who will benefit from a fundraising activity
        will actively participate in and support the fundraising efforts.
      • Regular meetings will be arranged to co-ordinate, develop and deliver a programme of
        fund raising events. Notes must be produced of these meetings to identify key actions.
      • Ensuring timely and effective communication across the team to support this co- ordination, and achieve success is vital, it is recommended that a tool like SLACK be
      • In line with POR, at least two members of the Executive Committee must be involved
        and no Section Leader or Assistant can be a member of this sub-committee.
      • The District Treasurer, or an appropriate nominated alternative person will support the
        financial oversight and reporting to the Executive.
      • If organisations are to be approached for sponsorship, donations or grants there must be a
        coordinated approach within the Fundraising Committee to avoid duplication or excessive approaches. Both the initial approach and result must be clearly recorded on a shared spreadsheet, ideally through a Grant and Sponsorship Coordinator. Such information should be made available to the Exec.
      • No approach must be made to any local authority without prior approval of the DC and Exec.
      • When fund raising events are arranged, it is essential that care is taken to respect the boundaries of other Scout Districts.
      • If events require an application to a local authority for licences e.g. A Lottery Licence, prior approval must be obtained from the Exec. As stated in POR the promoter of any fundraising activity governed by legislation should be a member of the District Executive Committee.
        The methods of fundraising chosen must be consistent with the Movement's reputation and good standing. All fundraising undertaken on behalf of the Movement must be carried out as prescribed by the law. This will include those regulations governing house to house collections, street collections, lotteries, gaming, children and young persons. Special care needs to be taken when organising events which involve alcohol (see Green Card May%202017%20V3%20WEB.pdf) Details may be obtained from the Fundraising section of the Scouts website

      Financial Controls

      The District Executive requires that any fund raising team who are raising funds on behalf of MWS take the following steps.

      Where practical money should be gathered in the form of cheques or electronic payments.

      Cheques should be paid into the main District account by the fund raising team and a receipt of the deposit along with a clear reference to the event from which the money was raised / donated must be emailed to the District Treasurer, e.g. WSJ Donation from Runcorn Rotary Santa Sleigh

      Any electronic payments should be made into the appropriately defined collection account for the event and with a clear reference to the event e.g. WSJ Hoody Sponsorship

      Where cash is collected, it should not be left unattended at events and careful steps must be taken at the event to ensure the security of the money.

      When donations are being collected using buckets these must be sealed and must clearly display the MWSD Charity Number.

      On completion the monies should be counted by a minimum of two members of the fund raising team, ideally at the venue, the details of the total collected recorded on the District Cash sheet, which must be signed by the two counters.

      The cash should then be paid into the District Executive account by the fund raising team as soon as reasonably possible. Consideration should be given as to how keep the money secure until it can be deposited in the bank. A receipt for the deposit must be obtained and a copy of the deposit receipt and the cash sheet emailed to the District Treasurer clearly identifying which activity it relates to e.g. Asda Runcorn Bag Pack

      If costs and have been incurred and expenses are to be claimed back they should be submitted to the District Commissioner and Treasurer on the appropriate claim form, along with the receipts, they should not be netted off from the profits of an event.

      Monies should never be paid into a individual’s bank account and then transferred to the District bank account.

      Fundraising carried out on behalf of Scouting must be conducted in accordance with the principles embodied in the Scout Promise and Law.

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