Managing placement

The Mersey Weaver Joining will be managed by the District Waiting List Admin Team, however Groups will have read/write access via either their GSL/DGSL or Group Admin. GSLs can request that section leaders have access to the waiting list too. Access will only be given to those using a Mersey Weaver issued email account.

Offering a place

It is very important that the process and communication is consistent amongst users of the list.

The waiting list should be checked regularly by the Group Admin or GSL.

The Group representative should view the joining list in Grid View and sort by the "Admin Suggested Group" and "Preferred Group" columns.  To offer a place, they should contact the members assigned to their group using the email functionality in OSM so the admin team can keep a track of who has been contacted via an audit trail. 

The Group representative should maintain contact with the Joining List Admin, updating the Group Offer Column as per the below;

Activity  Description Next step
Offered Where a contact has been made to offer a place, this can be via email or SMS Wait 14 days for a reply, if no response, then update to No Response
Rejected Where a place has been offered by one group and turned down A short note as to why the offer was rejected. For the next offer.
No response Where no Response has been received for an offer Where no Response is flagged, wait 14 days and offer again, if no contact as 2nd offer mark as “No longer interested”
No longer interested Where the Parents have indicated that they and the young person are no longer interested in joining MW Scouts Waiting List Team will delete this record for GDPR Compliance

You should use the following format

For example, 2020.06.30-Offered-4thFrod

This will help us to help you to manage the offering of places. This process will ensure more young people can access Scouts sooner and  your group has full sections, and all the financial benefits that comes with it.

We really appreciate you using the District Joining List to fill your sections, hopefully these changes will make the management of joining enquiries easier.

When a place is accepted

When a place is accepted, the Young Person's OSM record is TRANSFERRED to your section in OSM. This enables a group to capture any additional information they require as part of their joining process.

It also allows you to give the Parent/Carer access to the Parent Portal for events or programme activities to support the joining process.

What if it does not work out?

If the young person doesn’t end up an invested member of the Group, then the young person will either need to re-register on the joining list or they can be transferred back to joining list using OSM by the Group. N.B. If a family decide to return to the joining list they go to the back of the queue.

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