How does the Mersey Weaver joining list work?

The joining list process is broken down into the 3 steps listed below

1. Submission

  1. Parent is directed to
  2. Parent completes the form.
  3. Form is submitted to Online Scout manager.
  4. Parent is emailed a copy of their submission.
  5. Waiting List Team is emailed a copy of the submission.

2. Triage Processing

  1. Joining List Admin reviews submission on the 'Triage Joining List'.
  2. Admin checks the age/section of each member and if less than 5 ¾ they are moved into the 'WannaBeavers List'.
  3. Admin then checks the section and preferred groups, which is then checked against current availability vs ideal size of each Section.
  4. Admin then enters the suggested group that has best capacity.
  5. Admin then moves the member into the geographical waiting list based on the young person's preferred selection of groups/post code. There are three waiting lists North (Widnes Area), Central (Runcorn and Moore Area), South (Frodsham and Villages Area).
  6. Admin periodically reviews the age of young people and moves young person from the WannaBeavers to the appropriate local list and District Areas to Explorer Joining List when the relevant age triggers are met.

3. Review & Offer

  1. The DESC/DESA/GSL/DGSL/Group Admin reviews the local joining list for members who are in their “catchment”.
  2. The Group Admin evaluates the suggestions against their Group Admissions Policy.
  3. The Group Admin contacts the parent and offers a place, and advises the Joining List Admin to update the Group, Section & Offer Date column or does this themselves.
  4. The Group Admin liaises with the parent throughout the offer and the Joining List Admin so they can keep the Group, Section & Offer Date column up to date throughout.
  5. Once the offer is accepted, the Group Admin will request the Joining List Admin to transfer the new member to their section in OSM. 
  6. Joining List Admin team will initiate the Transfer.
  7. The Group Admin or Section Leader will accept the young person in OSM.

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