How can I check my Childs expected joining date?

We aim to enable parents and carers to track the progress of young people on our joining list by publishing details online. To do this they can query one of our joining lists on the district website here:

If you need further assistance or have a question, then you can reach us on the website site chat function in the bottom right of your screen or submit a ticket.

The Joining List for Mersey Weaver is quite large, so there are some things it is important to understand:

  • It is not a strictly linear queue, it is not "first-in, first out".
  • Offers of places are a Scout Group, not Scout District, function.
  • Scout Groups maintain their own polices for admissions, in line with the Scout Association Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Our preference is to maximise the experience for the young person, over strict linear churn through the waiting list.
  • Your child will be moved from one waiting list to the next, as they age, as indicated in the table below:
Waiting List Name Age Ranges
WannaBeavers 0 years – 5 years 9 months
Local Catchment (North, Central, South) 5 years 9 Months – 13 years 6 months
Explorers 13 years 6 months – 18 years

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