Can I offer a place to a young person who’s put down that they prefer to attend another group?

Yes! If you have space available in your group, then you should offer a place to young people who are waiting to access Scouting.

The Waiting List Admin team will regularly fill in the "Admin Suggested Group" column with a suggested group based on various different factors including: section size, availability, the preferred group and where the young person lives. We endeavour to keep this up to date. This group should Ideally make the first offer however, what's most important is that young people have the opportunity to join in with all the benefits Scouts offers as quickly as possible.

If the suggested group has been completed, please contact that group to see if they are in a position to offer a place it not please go a head and offer a place at your group. If you notice the first offer has already been rejected you can liaise with your DESC/ DESA/ GSL/ AGSL/ Group Admin in relation to offering a place straight away. 

The Parent/Carer of the Young Person has a choice to Accept or Decline your offer and the process set out in the Managing Placement article should be followed.

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