Expenses Policy

MWSD-POL-02, January 2020


As a movement the Scout Association and Mersey Weaver Scout District (MWSD) recognises that adults not only give freely of their time but are also prepared to accept a financial contribution as part of their commitment to scouting.

However, MWSD considers that it should make financial provision to meet the reasonable costs incurred as part of its adults work in support of district activities and operations. This policy details the process and procedures for the recovery of such expenses.

It should be noted that this policy only covers expenses incurred as part of District activities. Any expenses incurred on County or Group activities will be subject of their own individual polices.


Reasonable Expenses

MWSD will settle claims for reasonable expenses for the items in the list below

  • Travel costs at the published mileage rate.
  • Postage
  • Contribution to telephone costs
  • Photocopying of items for district activities
  • Basic stationery (envelopes/paper)

    Reasonable expenses for other items may be considered but it is essential that agreement is obtained from the District Executive in advance.

    Mileage Rate

    The District Executive has set the mileage rate at the approved HMRC travel rates from 2011 for cars and motorcycles which can be found here:

    https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/rates-and-allowances-travel-mileage- and-fuel-allowances/travel-mileage-and-fuel-rates-and-allowances .

    This will be reviewed annually as part of the budget process.

    Annual Budgeting

    The District Executive will make a provision as part of its annual budgeting process for such general expenses.

    Specific planned activities such as district camps, skills days, etc. must be subject of formal budgeting as part of the yearly cycle so that requests for District funding, for example, or other costs can be agreed in advance. This process would normally be instigated through the ADC and/or GSLs meeting but would not preclude approaches from individuals to the executive who are seeking support for a District event

    Expense Claiming Process

    Expenses must be claimed using the MWSD Expense Claim Form current at the time of the claim. All claims for purchased items must be supported with receipts; mileage claims do not require a receipt.

    Any expenses must be claimed as a minimum on a quarterly basis (end of March, June, September, December) and/or as a maximum of monthly.

    The District Executive must be approached if finances are required in advance of expenditure.

    Completed forms, along with receipts for items other than car non-mileage items and contributions to telephone costs should follow the following process for approval:

    • for ESU leaders up to a limit of £150, the completed and signed form should be sent to the individual’s Line Manager (ESL or DESC as appropriate). For above £100 and up to and including £300 it is to be sent to the DC/DDC
    • other uniformed leaders the completed and signed form should be sent to the DC or DDC.
    • for Executive members and for all claims over £300 the completed and signed form should be sent to the District Chairman.

      In each case once the form has been approved it will be forwarded to District Treasurer for payment.

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