Handling and Banking Cash Policy

MWSD-POL-7, Nov 2022 


As part of our fundraising activities there may be events where you will handle cash. This could include collecting, counting, storing, transporting, banking and recording cash. It’s important to follow this guidance when handling cash, to ensure the safety of our volunteers and to protect the money you raise. 

Wherever possible it is helpful to reduce the amount of cash collected or handled by:

  • Using our online booking system for ticketed events which allows us to collect fees digitally;
  • Using our online fundraising shop to sell products online;
  • Using one of our digital Square card readers to take contactless or physical card payments or;
  • Providing a QR code to the donation page on our fundraising site or donation manager portal.

Our principles

  • All cash handling must be carried out in a safe and secure environment.
  • Cash should be collected, counted and recorded by two unrelated individuals.
  • You must record the cash using the attached cash sheet (see Appendix). This should accompany the cash, but a photograph should also be sent digitally to the Treasurer - Cath Mudford.
  • All cash received should be stored securely (ideally locked away) until banked.
  • Cash should be bagged and banked in suitable bags, as well as transported in bags that help disguise the cash.
  • Ideally cash and cheques should be counted and banked the same day they are collected; however we appreciate there can be challenges getting to a bank/post office so this must be done within a maximum of 14 days (see more details below).
  • If cash changes hands from one volunteer to another, it should be recounted and the total re-validated.
  • Young people under 14 must not be left with any responsibility for handling and/or counting collected money.
  • Any cash collected should not be used to purchase any items or pay event expenses, as these should be claimed separately as per our Expenses policy.

Collecting cash

  • Cash must be collected in sealed buckets with lids. The buckets must not be unsealed until the end of the event. Mersey Weaver have 10 x 5 litre collection buckets that can be used by the fundraising team.
  • Collection buckets must display the official name of the charity (Mersey Weaver District Scout Council) and the Charity number (1145482). If you need to create additional buckets there is a template available on Teams.

Counting and storing cash

  • At events there should always be two unrelated volunteers present to take care of finances. They should count the money together, record it on a cash sheet and once the money has been counted, it should be agreed by signature by both parties. Once the money is securely stored, one volunteer may leave the room.
  • Collection boxes must be opened and counted by the volunteer who organised the collection and one other responsible person.
  • You should organise in advance a secure place to be used for the finance/counting area that is away from any public area. If this is not possible at events, the buckets must remain sealed, monies be kept separate from any other activity happening at the event and counted by two unrelated individuals at home or other secure location.
  • Unsecured cash must never be left unattended.
  • If you take cash home with you after an event, then please make sure it is stored securely e.g. in a locked cupboard.

Cash floats

It is recognised that you may need to start with a cash float to provide change. This can be provided by completing an expense claim form for a cash advance. The float should be counted and recorded by two independent people on the cash sheet prior to the event starting. It should be kept separate from any collection buckets so they can remain sealed. 

Banking money safely

Please take time to consider how you are going to pay the money raised into a bank or post office before it is collected. Please do not place yourself at risk. If you are in any doubt, you can contact the Treasurer (Cath Mudford) for advice via email or Teams. We will provide the team with a paying in book(s).

Mersey Weaver bank with the TSB and our most local branches are in Warrington and Nantwich. However, cash can also be banked at local post offices. Please note some Post Offices (e.g. Frodsham), will only accept whole denominations of cash. Other Post Offices (e.g. in the Co-op in Kingsley) accept odd amounts of cash provided they are in individual like for like bags with a note containing the amounts, together with a sheet giving overall quantities. It is worth checking prior to the event with the post office you may wish to use. 

Banking guidelines

  • Cash must be paid directly into the Mersey Weaver bank account. It must not be paid into personal bank accounts and transferred to the Mersey Weaver bank account. This is an essential part of both Scouts POR and the Charity Commission governance controls and is there to protect the individuals handling the cash.
  • Cash should be banked as soon as is practical, and ideally within two working days. Cash valuing more than £500 must be paid in within seven days. Cash valuing less than £500 must be paid in within fourteen days.
  • Cash not banked immediately must be placed in a safe or other secure location, such as a locked drawer, safe, cupboard or filing cabinet.
  • Cash should be bagged by denomination and banked in suitable bags, cash bags are available for free from banks and post offices.
  • Cash should be transported in bags that help disguise the cash (such as a shopper or carrier bag).
  • You must complete a paying in slip and take this along with your cash when paying in. Please provide the teller with a suitable reference beginning with “WSJ- “then an appropriate identifier e.g. WSJ-AsdaBagPack. Please ask the teller to write this reference on the receipt then send a photo of the receipt and cash sheet to the Treasurer (Cath Mudford).
Cash limit Minimum number of people that must accompany the money in transit
Up to £1,500 1 Person
Up to £3,000 2 Persons
For values over £3,000 Please make multiple journeys or use more people to transport smaller values of funds to the bank.
For values over £5,000 For one-off large volumes of cash, we can organise the use of a security transport company. Please contact the District Treasurer if you anticipate this being the case.

Keeping you and others safe

Crime: Your safety is our primary concern. If you are ever in the unfortunate position of being challenged whilst handling cash, we ask that you hand over the cash without resisting and report any theft or loss to the police within 24 hours of the incident, as well as informing the Treasurer and District Commissioner.

Physical demand: Buckets and collection tins can become very heavy once full, so think about how you might split the load between you and your helpers. If you are doing a house-to-house or street collections, it is also important to think about how long you can comfortably walk and stand for.

Personal security: Once your collection is over, please ensure that at least two people will be available to deal with the money collected – as far as possible no one should be left to carry money by themselves. If travelling to or from your collection by public transport, remember to carry bags big enough to conceal your collection buckets and tins. If you are using a car, remember to store your collection materials out of sight.

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